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37 Channel Street,
Killarney, ON
P0M 2A0, Canada


Channel #68

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How To Find Us

Easy to find. Difficult to leave.

There are many ways to reach the Sportsman’s Inn Resort & Marina. The Inn is located at 37 Channel St., Killarney, ON, P0M 2A0. To ensure an easy journey, we have provided directions for arrival via car, bus and private aircraft. If you require any further directions or recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

By Car

From Toronto

From HWY 401 take HWY 400 north. HWY 400 becomes HWY 69 as you make your way north to Parry Sound (this lovely Georgian Bay river-town is the perfect spot for a pit-stop). Continue north on HWY 69 for 120kms, then take HWY 637 west to Killarney.

Watch out for deer, moose and bears as you make your way to The Sportsman’s Inn, they often come out to greet you in your travels! The distance from HWY 401/HWY 400 in Toronto is 396kms or 246 miles – a 4 to 4.5 hour, an incredibly scenic ride.

From Sault Ste. Marie

Take HWY 17 east towards Sudbury. Next, take HWY 69 south towards Toronto. Finally, exit west on HWY 637 to Killarney.

From Ottawa

Take HWY 417 west to Sudbury. Next, take HWY 69 south and exit to go west on HWY 637 to Killarney. The distance from Ottawa is approximately 585kms or 364 miles – a 6 hour and 20 minute ride according to Google Maps.

By Bus

Round trips from Toronto are available through the Parkbus express bus service. Click to see schedules, fares, trip packages and pickup/drop-off locations.

Reach out to events@killarney.com for group travel options.

Lat: 45° 58.226,
Long: 081° 30.902

Port Type: Village

Monitors VHF: 68

Charts: CHS 2204 2205 2245

By Boat

Lat: 45° 58.226,
Long: 081° 30.902

Port Type: Village

Monitors VHF: 68

Charts: CHS 2204 2205 2245


Killarney, Ontario is located on Killarney Channel, a narrow, 1.25 nm channel between the mainland and George Island. This is a navigable channel and follows the rules for buoy age - i.e. upstream from east to west with red buoys to starboard and green to port.

From the East

Sailing along the coastline from the east, follow the Small Craft Route. Click for a more complete description of the Small Craft Route. Monitor your passage carefully, staying within the marked route as shoals and rocks abound.

On the north side of the east entrance to Killarney Channel is Red Rock Point with an ISO WHITE light visible 9 mi/7.8nm in good weather Ahead will be the F GREEN buoy “E1”. Alter course to starboard to pass between them and enter the channel proper. The village is approximately .8nm up the channel on your starboard.

From the South

Coming from Georgian Bay, watch for the ISO WHITE light on Red Rock Point, visible about 9mi/7.8 nm in good weather. As you cross the channel mouth, watch for the F GREEN buoy “E1”. Leave it to your port and round it to take a westerly course into the channel. Note: the charted obstructions and rocks between E1 and Northeast Point on George Island.

From the West

Follow the Small Craft Route You can follow Lansdowne Channel or go south, around Partridge, Centre and Badgeley Islands. Both routes are well-charted and well-marked.

If you take the Lansdowne Channel route, care needs to be taken as you pass Maxwell Point on Badgeley Island. Badgeley Rocks are marked with a RED spar buoy (E14). On your starboard will be a Fl RED buoy - "EA2". E14 marks the southern edge of foul water while EA2 marks the shipping channel on the south side of foul water. To be safe, stay closer to E14 as you pass between them. A quick glance at your chart will give you the picture.

Once clear, bend your course to the port so that you leave the RED buoy "E12" on your port and the GREEN buoy "E11" on your starboard. This will bring you safely past Ann Long Bank. Once clear of E11, bend your course to starboard until you can leave the GREEN marker "E7" on your starboard. Hold a southeast course leaving the RED buoy "E4" on your port. The opening to Killarney Channel will be dead on your bow. Proceed up the channel to the village which will be on your port.

By Plane

Flying to Killarney, Ontario, Canada by private aircraft is a great way to travel to our wilderness location. Killarney’s 3500’ asphalt runway is oriented on a heading of 240 degrees – 060 degrees magnetic. It is licensed by the Canadian Federal Ministry of Transport, is listed in the Canadian VFR Supplement and depicted on the Canadian Sault Ste. Marie Visual Navigation Chart. Pilots can pinpoint the Killarney Airport 49 nautical miles from the Sudbury VOR on the 225 degree radial. There is a windsock adjacent to the runway and a parking area with tie-downs. Please view our Technical Details for Killarney Airport for more information.

To fly directly into Killarney Mountain Lodge Seaplane Base (CKY4), please notify the aerodrome operator (Killarney Mountain Lodge 7052872242) and follow the directions here.


Work With Us

At Sportsman's Inn we strive to be a centre of excellence in terms of staff, training, service, food, facilities and fun. We are about three things: pride, passion, and perseverance. Do you see yourself as a member of our team? Our staff come for a unique summer job experience in a guest-centric environment with opportunities to earn and have fun. We work hard and spend our free time enjoying nature and sharing adventure with each other. The Sportsman's Inn is about making long lasting memories and friendships in Northern Ontario’s most scenic location.

We offer seasonal employment for the following positions:

  • Kitchen: Line Cooks, Prep Cooks, Stewards, Bakers, and Sous Chefs
  • Front Of House: Servers, Bartenders, Baristas, Host/Bussers, and Supervisors
  • Front Desk: Guest Services Agents, Reservations Agents, Concierge, Adventure Staff, and Supervisors
  • Marina: Dock Attendants, Sailing Instructors, and Tour & Fishing Guides
  • Housekeeping: Room Attendants and Public Areas Attendants
  • Maintenance: Maintenance Workers and Landscapers
  • Management: Please enquire as to available positions

Please forward your resumes to hr@killarney.com

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