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Dining at Sportsman’s Inn & Marina

Our dining options cater to all tastes, from the elegant dishes at The Anchorage to the hearty Canadian comfort food at Sporto’s Bar & Grill. Enjoy seasonal delights and fresh treats at Curds n’ Whey, or indulge in the finest oysters at Big Willy’s Bait Shop. Each venue offers a unique atmosphere, perfect for creating memorable dining experiences while connecting with our vibrant local community.

The Anchorage

Our casual dining destination, The Anchorage provides an intimate experience characterized by exceptional cuisine, dutiful service and elegant ambiance. Adorned with historical touches and nautical flair, The Anchorage exudes sophistication.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, The Anchorage is the Inn’s flagstone restaurant, providing guests with a luxurious atmosphere and exquisite dishes all day long.

Sporto’s Bar and Grill

Killarney’s local watering hole, Sporto’s Bar & Grill is a bustling, inviting pub with an unwavering commitment to serving up happiness. Whether you’re looking to sip a cold beer on the dockside patio or brush elbows with Village locals in the Pub, Sporto’s is the place to be.

With a menu full of Canadian comfort favourites and pub classics, there’s something for everybody. A visit at the Sportsman’s Inn Resort & Marina is not complete without a trip to Sporto’s Bar & Grill. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Big Willy’s Bait Shop

Looking out on the peaceful waterfront, Big Willy’s sits upon the boardwalk, inviting passers-by to stop and sample their fresh oyster menu. A popular draw for many guests, the oyster bar provides a unique opportunity to taste the fresh local delicacies.

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